I am fourteen. People see that I have grown. I dont really think that playing a teen awesomely means that I am growing. I think it means I am springing into adulthood. The awesome playing is making a person out of a kid.


I am.

I am sometimes a person.
I am sometimes weird.
I am sometimes something awesomely different.
I am really what people see.
I am always applying what I ask.
I am weirdly pleasing.
I am awesome perpetuated.

Subway Poem

I wrote this poem at school for a project I did on the subway. I awesomely was trying to make the reader feel what it is like to ride the subway as an autistic kid.

Subway subculture asserting the stroll
I watch and try to look like another old soul
The trains trapping the wind
They slice through the air

What rights the people all nestled in their seats
What pounds them in a rhythm and repeats
I am oneness. I am different.
I am traveling.