Subway Poem

I wrote this poem at school for a project I did on the subway. I awesomely was trying to make the reader feel what it is like to ride the subway as an autistic kid.

Subway subculture asserting the stroll
I watch and try to look like another old soul
The trains trapping the wind
They slice through the air

What rights the people all nestled in their seats
What pounds them in a rhythm and repeats
I am oneness. I am different.
I am traveling.


8 thoughts on “Subway Poem

  1. nick,
    this is my favorite poem because i love how you make me feel how in the subway everyone is performing.
    i think you are a poet for sure.
    maybe you inherited that from your father?
    is your birthday may 20th?
    love annie-b

  2. I am very impressed by the depth of your poems. I was also very impressed by the correctness of your grammar (not typical of the typical teen!). I’m curious to know what kinds of books you like to read, as well as what other hobbies you like to pursue.

    • I love to read poetry. I especially like awesome people like Keats. I also love reading fantasy novels like Artemis fowl.

  3. Typer, that poem is sooo beautiful, subway is one of my favourite places in new york city, i love people watching….. i have worked as a costume designer for many years with your mom, and as a costume designer you create outfits for people so you need to observe people really closely to come up with great ideas what people wear, your poem is so inspiring… kasia

  4. Hi TeenTyper. I loved your poem about the subway. What beautiful images. All your poems are powerful and express thoughts in a fresh way. Looking forward to reading more of your poems. Have a fun day. Claire H.

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