Awesome asserting.

We alert to awesome real friendship.
Reasons you love play games.
Easy real ways warn against a fear.
Friendship asserting always.
Asserting to play.


Her help.

She came to the rescue last night.
I am always seriously an apt silliness.
This is some awesome woman.


It seems that I am trying to ask
What easily puts the girls all in love?
It must be appealing through words.
Probably its the talking and playing that does it.
I hope the day comes when all the words can woo.
Both spoken, unspoken, and written too.
The words I type tell more than a mouth.


People came to my birthday party. The best thing was probably seeing one of my awesome classmates partying outside of school. It was probably his first time awesomely going to a friend’s birthday party. He was partying really well and talking and dancing. It even really rained and he kept dancing. Also, he really does not have autism like I and my other friends do. Really the people who are the most awesomely peaceable can sometimes be the most dangerous. I learned more about him at my party, so my awesome friendships are growing.