It seems that I am trying to ask
What easily puts the girls all in love?
It must be appealing through words.
Probably its the talking and playing that does it.
I hope the day comes when all the words can woo.
Both spoken, unspoken, and written too.
The words I type tell more than a mouth.


6 thoughts on “Words.

  1. You asked “Are You ready to be awesomely amazed?” I thought I was ready but this is more than I bargained for. Your poems go right to the heart of the matter and right to the heart of the person reading them. They enrich as art and on top of that add to ones knowledge of life. You are truly awesome. Please keep blogging. I feel I need to hear what you have to communicate and look forward to your next communication with nervous anticipation.

  2. Ancient words and holy rhythms
    come to you with clarity and grace.
    And you, you share them with the rest of us.
    Thank you.

  3. Teen Typer,

    Of all your entries so far, I like “Words” the most. The line “Both spoken, unspoken, and written too” is especially nice, with a good rhythm.

    Be assured that words can definitely woo! National Public Radio recently ran a story on two people who had the same email address, “rpsalazar.” The only difference was two numbers. So when one of them (Ruben) accidentally got an email intended for the other (Rachel), he sent her a note saying “Hi, Rachel, it seems as if this message came to me instead of you. I’m in Waco, Texas, U.S.A. Have a great day. P.S. How’s the weather there in Bangkok?”. That simple note started a long email correspondence that crossed continents and ended in the couple getting married. It’s a heart warming story. You can read about it (and even listen to it) here: http://www.npr.org/2011/05/13/136248872/a-typo-spells-romance-for-rp-salazars.

    Take care, and keep typing!


    • What an assuring article to read. I awesomely hope that a awesome girl has the same email address as me. Awesome to know that written words can woo.

      • I love this truly;
        I love you truly.
        I prefer the silence often
        and understand what is said
        with glances, with sound,
        with chances, with silence.
        What can be conveyed in subtle nuance,
        lasts forever and is treasured.
        P.S. Yay! Written words can woo! ;>)

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