Ask me any questions you want and I will answer them in a post.


19 thoughts on “Questions.

    • Pawling area issues peacefulness. It’s looming powerfully tearing me like an awesome allowed pleasing wonderful joy.

  1. Hi Typer, I was wondering what your favorite music is these days and if you have a favorite song or performer? Thanks!

    • I really really listen to awesome music. Awesomely I ask the most for people like Katy Perry, Eminem, Pitbull, Jay Z, Adele, and John Mayer.

      • Wow – great choices and very eclectic. I am recently liking one of Katy Perry’s songs…mostly reminds me of an awesome teen’s birthday ;>) very cool and I will have to try to listen to some of your choices as I am trying to be more awesome with contemporary music these days…the beat goes on, dear typer!

      • Really you should listen to pit bull the song the girls danced to. It is called give me everything. Please tell me your favorites.

      • I am going to listen to it Pit Bull’s “Give Me Everything” and put it on my iPod. I have had many years to listen and have many songs and artists I like. I like Stevie Wonder – there is a song called “Vision in my Mind” by him that I love. There is a song writer/singer Dan Fogelberg who has a song called “Part of the Plan” and “The Higher You Climb” Also “Scarecrow’s Dream” which I like to sing. Those are mostly ballads. But I need to recall some fun ones to tell you so we can dance again. 🙂 Hmmm, try listening to “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles and “I’ll Stop the World” by Modern English. – I’ll tell you the old ones if you keep me up to date on the new ones! XOXOXO

  2. I would like to know if you are still doing those great interviews for your school paper. Is school out? What are your plans for the summer?

    • Actually, I don’t do the school paper at all now, because I picked my blog. I am in school all summer. Probably awesomely I will visit you.

  3. I read your description of your experience of Pawling and I was wondering if you get the same things out of the Jersey Shore or perhaps something quite different. Incidentally, I thought your two sentences about Pawling contained some grate phrases. I like the idea of a place being able to issue peacefulness and of an awesomely allowed pleasing joy. In fact I liked it all. You have a grate way of putting ideas, and emotions, into words.

    • Thanks so much. I think Pawling is very different from the shore. The shore is a place for playing. Pawling is a place for peaceable moments.

  4. I read “The City at the Center of the World” a year ago and now, I understand, you are reading it. I wonder what you think of it. What parts of the book do you find most interesting? Would you recommend the book to others?

  5. Hello, Typer. I just read a few of your posts, and it’s pretty clear that you write in a really specific (nice, just unusual and awesome) poetic way. So, I was wondering, is that how you think? I know that that might sound a bit weird… but I’m curious. I was reading the “Wasted Words” post which made me wonder this in particular. Obviously, there’s no way for you to know what other people think, but, I think at least, most people think kind of in words. Do you think in poetic images, or is that just how you like to say what you think?

    • Yes I think in a neat and poetic way. In my mind I see images really clearly and awesomely. Thankfully technology helped me think the way I do. I learned to communicate alternately. Notes from others really Inspire me.

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