Cool man

All gears vastly cement as nearing adults.
New men jumping through lights.
Through life we will make changes.
You necessarily advise me.
The world will never be the same.


6 thoughts on “Cool man

  1. Go Cool man go. You’ve got the wind at your back and we are all cheering for you. As always you amaze, and delight the reader. Hope to hear more from you. It is good to have you back. Love and awe from one of the old ones.

  2. I like the last three lines of this poem: they convey a determined hopefulness, a confidence that things will be better in the future, a resolution to keep moving forward.

  3. Dear Cool Man, I like your poem, especially the first two lines. “Cement” is more commonly used as a noun than as a verb, the way you use it in your poem. And just to underscore the point, you qualify “cement” with an adverb, “vastly.” Nice going, Also, “cement” as a verb normally takes an object., You leave the object out, making “cement” reflexive, by elimination so to speak, so that the line reads “All gears vastly cement one another as nearing adults.” That’s even nicer going. You make your point stronger by making it in a clear but unusual way. Keep up the good work. See you in a few weeks Grandpa (West Palm)

    • Grandpa i have several more to write before i see you. Your awesome dang analysis will help me. Found writing now i will make it work for me. Nick

  4. I defer to your Grandpa’s analysis of the first sentence…dang! But, the remainder of your words speak to my own experiences of late as I strive to jump through the lights to make changes I never dreampt possible and as a result… change my world. Thanks, Nick. Hope to see you on your August visit to West Palm. Kathe

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