Dad Mom and I ate the love.
Do you feel this with someone?
They kindled a flame to burn openly.
Have you searched for the match?
Yes they are mine.

Your opinion is they’re great,
Mine is they’re irreplaceable.

Happy Anniversary.


3 thoughts on “Irreplaceable

  1. Typer, Typer, Typer love,
    your writing fills my heart so that
    joy must be a treat I savor…
    not just once, but

    You inspire me –
    irreplaceable you too,
    wonderful you…
    Joy means more
    in my

  2. Dear Typer,
    What a sweet poem to write for your parents’ anniversary! I like the way it challenges all of us to ask if we have found this kind of love with the questions “Do you feel this with someone?” and “Have you searched for the match?”
    Deep love is certainly a treasure that rivals anything material.
    Keep typing — it keeps getting better and better.

  3. NIck – we should share our ideas about the world. I think we are cut from the same cloth – people who have a lot to say. You are a gifted young man, full of ideas and visions. Powerful.

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