Inward Outward Friends

Years above but I will follow
Opportunities are like small stars. Mine came this exact week when the especially admirable Tracy took time with me. Sad to hear the difficult truths. Sarah and Jeanette openly supported while we said inward thoughts in an outward fashion.


August 7th, 2012

Tracy: Nick, I present you with the newest version of the Green Mountain Self Advocates tee shirt. Wear it proudly my friend for it represents the passing of the “No more R word” bill into law by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin last year. No longer will children in Vermont be referred to in derogatory language like the cruelest of all, retard. The new R word is respect.

Nick: My name is Nick. I’m 15 years old. I was silent till I was 8 years old. My challenge is typing but it saved me too. You’re my hero. Thank you.

Nick: Do u enjoy teaching these conferences?
Tracy: It is my passion to educate others I had to go through hell in school I do not wish that for kids it hurts to think of wasted years. I hope to give my life as a light of hope to children.

Nick: I cry inside you help.
Tracy: Nick the most important part is you have the power inside of you to make your life one of your dreams. It took many tears to get my typing launching to the mission of higher intelligence needs to be presumed.

Nick: Sar is the best facilitator for me. How do yours support u best?
Tracy: Well Harvey is my god. ha ha. No I have three top notch facilitators Rachel is my fire like case manager. To my right is my dynamo Jeanette. They put independent typing on my mind every moment. I need to slow my typing down. They all practice long sessions which helps me. You need to find what works for you

Nick: Sar asks me to practice but mom doesn’t make me.
Tracy: Well I now know why you struggled to type that out I have the same issue mom hops on and off the typing train you want to respect your mom. She is here that shows me she has your back or should I say finger.

Nick: How do u have such great emotional regulation?
Tracy: It has not been this easy in my recent past I have to thank Monk Hogan for the enlightment he spoke truth to my spirit. I finally made peace with life that includes autism. I live my life with pride.

Tracy: I walk my path in the footsteps of pioneers like Anne McDonald. I try to impart her message of not being able to speak is not the same thing as not having anything to say.

Nick: Was it worse as crazy teen?
Tracy: Like I said in W and J [Wretches and Jabberers] mom can attest to hormone driven Tracy driving her to crazy ville.

Nick: Will you really like to email me?
Tracy: Of course lets keep in touch.

Nick: can you use your voice at all?
Tracy: I can you need to attend my keynote tomorrow.

Nick: Everyone believes in me but I lose it in myself. Does this happen to u?
Tracy: Well I use to have my poor Tracy pity party but Harvey kicked him off my curb.

Tracy: I would love for you to visit my office Nick.
Nick: Can sar come? u teach new skills.
Tracy: Bring the whole team Nick.

Nick: I want to share wasted words.
[Nick’s blog post “Wasted Words” was shared]

Nick: Thanks


Please visit Tracy’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Inward Outward Friends

  1. Dear Nick,
    Thank you for sharing your conversation with Tracy. He is indeed an admirable person — as are you. I have a lot of respect for any person who struggles with determination against some adversity. And so I respect both you and Tracy. Nick, you write well and are getting better and better. In this post, I especially liked the phrase “Opportunities are like small stars.” What a wonderful way to start your blog entry! Keep the blog entries coming…

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