Other years

Especially now we care
Go back three years
The problems were there
Did it matter then
Say your thoughts all term
Not just for the win
Fake, straight or democrat
Just be honest with yourself
The race will settle on that


14 thoughts on “Other years

  1. “just be honest with yourself” wish more people could see themselves as clearly as they think they see others. i truly enjoy your work and insights. keep them coming!

    • Typer, It was good to hear from you .I hadn’t heard from you for awhile. I suppose it was the election. Thank God Obama won. I hope you continue writing about politics because, as you suggest in your poem, the election doesn’t settle everything, even though it did settle some things, like the presidency. I notice that DJ commented on your use of rhymes. I noticed that too. It’s just a little over a month now and you’ll be coming to West Palm. I look forward to that. Let’s talk about your poems then. Have a good Thanksgiving. Love, grandpa

  2. The wisdom you show with this writing is something I wish some voters had! Always love your incredible talent – and love you!!

  3. Hello, Teen Typer! I am a middle school teacher and would love to see my students have such a great understanding of this most recent current event. Instead, they are simply worried about what their hair looks like or whether they will get to go out with their friends this weekend. Kudos to you on being aware of the world around you. Keep up your insightful writing!

  4. I like this posting. The message seems to be about the importance of being honest and straightforward, not just faking things in order to get a quick win. That’s a good message whether it’s about the election or anything else. The poem has a good balance of concrete and abstract, and the few rhyming lines give it a good sound.

  5. Well the race is settled. Thank goodness. We couldn’t have gone on much longer at that fever pitch. Your entry seems to reference the internal dialogue of that mental state,” I’m strung out, getting worn down, let it be over, hope against hope our side wins.” Yes the election is settled and we have a break but as you point out the work ought to go on. People should be involved “all term Not just for the win.” They should keep informed, contact representatives, join relevant organizations campaign, demonstrate. In a democracy the work is never done. Elections simply tally the progress of every day accomplishment, a point you bring home and one that tires me to think of.

    Glad you voted with Sarah and look forward to many new blog entries. We haven’t heard from you for a long time. You must have gotten caught up in the election yourself. Politics is important but art and literature nourish the soul. Your writing helps heal all the raw spots. We need you. We need more and more poems by Nick Renino that “Typically Autistic Teen.”

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