Very me

Hesitation about my behavior.
Hesitation about your thoughts of me.
Will you be mad?
Will you cease the attention?
Besides your love really can I ask for more.
Each day I ask but get no really obvious answers.
Besides the fate I easily can’t control everything.
Each day I will try but I may not make it.


5 thoughts on “Very me

  1. Nick, Just came across this new blog entry and first off I want to say I love you. I love and admire you for so many reasons. I admire your courage, your honesty, your kind, sensitive, caring nature, your intellect and your writing ability. And that is just for starters.

    This is a beautiful clean poem – short but so deep. Like all of your writings people can see reflections of their own lives in them – give the writings their own personal meanings. But since I know you I dare to think of this poem as a personal expression of your present state of being – an expression of your own quandaries and agonies.

    As a grandmother I’d like to take the liberty to try to answer the main question the poem seems to pose, “can I ask for more?” To a short poem I’d like to give a long answer – one probably not appropriate for a blog so I am going to send a special email to whatever address you relay to me.

    But congratulations on this new poem. You are a born writer and a wonderful person and yes, yes you can ask for more.

    P.S. Sometimes more comes in such small increments that we can’t notice it measuring day by day. Think how much more you have now than you had 5 or 6 years ago – how much communication, learning, friendship and enjoyment has filled those years. Building on your present strengths you’re probably in the middle of a really great upturn even if it isn’t clear to you yet. Love, Grandma

  2. This is a beautiful poem that conveys a powerful mix of despair and determination. I could feel the feeling strongly. It is beautifully expressed, and a success as a poem. As a poet, dear Typer, you are not just trying, you are making it. Stay determined, keep striving, and, most of all, keep typing.

  3. Nick’s Haiku with unceasing love from Grandma Marjorie December 2012

    You Will Make It Because You Are You

    It isn’t easy
    growing up to be adult,
    self-doubt clouds the mind.

    Emotions raging
    where, once, all was “known” and “true,”
    now inhabit Self.

    This growing Stranger –
    taller, stronger, mirrored back
    each time one looks,

    changing with each day,
    has no Pole Star or compass
    To guide the journey

    into all Unknowns.
    This Quest, (a single passage,
    carved by The Seaker,

    In his special way)
    defines the Adult within,
    Self begetting Self,

    to reveal a World
    of one’s own definition,
    fraught with Wonder.

  4. Nick, I meant to tell you that you are not only a deep-thinking poet who can convey emotion/thought, you are also a poet who inspires poetry in others; this is a rare gift; thank you for sharing your gift and poetry with me. .Love, Grandma Marjorie

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