Dashing thoughts of memories past.
My mind whirls with life.
It never gets better than it was.
It will never be as great as today.


2 thoughts on “memories

  1. What a blast! The video was too much. Thanks! 🙂 I agree with you that today’s the only day that matters. But, personally, I think it can always get better than it was.

  2. What a wonderful poem — short, succinct, powerful, joyous. I fully expect there will be a plethora of days in the future where you will once again exclaim “it will never be as great as today” and hope that one of those days will be spent with us in Florida. We miss you and look forward to your visit. The pool, the beach, new restaurants, your apartment all await you.

    Meantime, it is good to have you back on your blog. Your poetry means a lot to us and i think to anyone who reads it. Though it was probably not your intention to convey it, one of the meanings I get from this poem is that life has its ups and downs but bad times will pass and good times will come again. At one time or another everyone needs this reassurance and it is great to have it set in such ebullient form. With love and admiration, BJ

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