model of forever

you have to see it to know how beautiful it beholds
the feeling is bold saturated thimbles of strength
now i am changed, proud, and free
many accomplishments are mine


7 thoughts on “model of forever

  1. I need some help…are these” bold saturated thimbles of strength” Smart cars? If so, they should hire you to do their marketing as the description of these little cars is terrific!

  2. Nick, I love the structure of this poem. For me the first two lines seem to enter with a beautiful but complicated trumpet rife, which is then anchored in the third line by the strong words “changed, proud, and free” and all peacefully reconciled with the acknowledgement in the last line,

    I saw Kathe’s interpretation of the poem and mine is quite different because I know you saw the film “Lincoln” and have been thinking a lot about history and that you have just returned from a weeks trip to Washington, DC. I assumed the” saturated thimbles of strength” you beheld were many of the monuments of our country which brought home not only it’s history and mission in the world but it’s struggle to accomplish that mission. We all feel protected by our form of government but also committed to do what we can to maintain its miracle. In evaluating our options it frequently comes down to simply trying to be the best we can and to help others be the best they can. Thus the last line of the poem may both confirm your commitment and clear you conscience.

    This interpretation of your poem is probably wrong. Every one will have their own. Do you hate it when people tell you their interpretations? Don’t forget, the fact that people keep thinking about what you have written says something about the quality of your writing. And writing is one of your many accomplishments. Like all good writing your poems take us out of ourselves for which we are deeply grateful. You might say they are like mini vacations. looking forward to more, your loyal fan, BJ

  3. This is an addendum to the comment above. There is a tyo in the first sentence, “rife” should be “riff.”

    • Nick, I read your latest poem the same way Bev did, as a response to Washington, the mall, the monuments, and I share the sentiments you express in the poem. It is a beautiful thing to behold, and an equally beautiful thing to be. To know that you live in and are part of the main line of human history, what Lincoln called “mankind’s last best hope,” to be American is, as you say, a joy forever. To feel that way, as I certainly do, tends to “wash away” one’s everyday concerns. You are free and have every reason to be proud. Love, grandpa (Florida)

  4. Nick,
    I like the emotion conveyed by this poem: extreme pride and wonder about something truly beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes, when I have had a hard day, someone might show me a story or a video about something that is wonderful and inspiring, and it does indeed lift my spirits. It seems that you experienced something that lifted your spirits, and you communicated it quite poetically.
    — DJ

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