the world isn’t perfect
even if you wear designer shoes
people need help
who are we to look away
imagine your life crumbled in a second
what if it were all gone
would you want others to give

5 thoughts on “Typhoon

  1. Nick, This is another example of the on-going dialogue that the poet has with reality and its deeper meanings; poets are the conscience of the world,; I look forward to more;

  2. Hi Nick, first of all let me say it is great to have you back at your blog. I was afraid that with you back in school full time you might give it up but here you are again as poet agitator. And it is right that you should be pricking consciences, there simply is no other way to get to some people. As for us, I do the giving in our family and because we give regularly to many organizations I tend to turn away from these periodic disasters thinking let somebody else give to this. But your poem says no no you’re better than that, face what has happened and give a little more. I hope you will be happy to know that I have UNICEF’s phone number and I plan to give to them tomorrow. If one can judge from your success with me, you have a great career ahead of you and of course, there is a lot to agitate about.

  3. Nick, I liked your last poem, about the typhoon. It’s so straight forward and to the point. I especially liked your dig at people who wear designer shoes. I don’t think they would be much help in the Phillipines right now. I assume you learned about the typohoon at school. It seems to me that this is the best school you’ve ever gone to. They actually teach you something, in fact, a lot. I’d like to know more about what you’re learning at school when you come down for Christmas. Bev and I are really looking forwaard to your annual Christmas visit. See you then and congratulations on your poem. It’s really good. Love, grandpa (Florida)

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