Be Wild

Dare to be wild
You will be the favorite child
Go play in the park
Start the day with a spark
Find a new skill
Stop being a pill
Walk instead of run
You are bound to have more fun
Watch videos each day
Relax and just lay
The name is Nick
And i can be quick


5 thoughts on “Be Wild

  1. Starting my day this way,
    gives me great joy.
    Words from a favorite young man,
    no longer a boy…
    I’ll leave for work, smiling with glee,
    for You make me one happy Aunt B!

  2. Nick, I enjoyed this so much…. It’s a rhymed rap that really got me tapping. great work. You’ve used so many forms…as you go through life, each work of poetry will begin to show the many sides of Nick. Save these, and in future years you’ll enjoy them…I look forward to more. Love, Grandma. I note below that it asks for website…sorry, I don’t have one.

  3. Nick, I especially like the first six lines, which seem to be telling the reader to stop complaining (stop being a pill) and, instead, take some action and do something (find a new skill, go play in the park). Sometimes in life we wait until we feel like doing something before starting, but the secret is to just start, via an act of will, knowing that the feeling will then come naturally.

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