Real Nature

I am not ever completely independent. My awesome self is only visible to those who choose to see me under my heavy blanket of dependency. I feel frustrated and mad because I want everyone to know my awesome self. My want is freedom from  the blanket that hides my real being from most of the unseeing of minds’ world. My output creates unfair judgment of my mind but I make no excuses. I don’t blame others for my actions. My wish is to act the way I want to be perceived someday.


8 thoughts on “Real Nature

  1. “My output creates unfair judgment of my mind…” I don’t think my judgment is unfair…I think you’re brilliant. Am I being unfair:-)

  2. You are Auntie’s heart, and you are amazing. You are one of the best people I know. You are brilliant. I wish more people had the level of introspection you do. It is rare in most, it is depth of being combined with grace, it is you and it is yours. I love you so.

  3. This is extraordinary writing, a wonderful use of language, great metaphors, and,on top of that, clear yet profound emotion and meaning contained in one short paragraph. Writing can’t get any better. Everyone who knows you personally recognizes your awesomeness and that same quality is revealed in your writing for all to appreciate. Keep it up. You can have a great future as a writer and as an autism advocate.

  4. In another comment Beverly Jones talks about “metaphors” and she’s right. But your metaphors are also distinct, unusual, original.. You come at things (and words) from unusual angles, obliquely. That’s why I like reading what you write. You talk about things that other people talk about but not in the same way. Tracing those angles back to their origins would be a way of knowing you and your awesome self. That would be really great. So keep it up.

  5. Nick, thank you so much for this blog, through which you are revealing your awesome self. Like so many of the other posts in the blog, I find your choice of words and metaphors to be simply first rate. I especially like the second sentence, “My awesome self is only visible to those who choose to see me under my heavy blanket of dependency.” The metaphor of a “blanket” is perfect, and I also like the way you use the word “choose,” indicating that it is up to the other person to make a conscious decision as to whether they want to look under that blanket.

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