Watching War

War is terrible because we are watching war.We are watching war while we westerners never have war.We are watching war while we westerners wear watches and waste time. We are watching war while we watch videos. Eyes are always wanting to watch war. We are wasting time. We are watching war while we always watch wasted television. We are wasting watching war while we waste time.


8 thoughts on “Watching War

  1. Nick, This is amazing. I am going to print it out so that I can read it over and over. The constant alliteration of the w sound, plus the use of the word “wear” over and over, creates overtones of other words. It emphasizes that war wears us out, wastes our resources, including time. I really need to read it many times. This is an extremely profound poem. Thank you. I will send you more comments at a later time. You are amazing. Grandma Marjorie

  2. Nick, I second what Grandma Marjorie wrote about Watching War. The alliterated w’s are indeed impressive. It’s not just the wear, watching, wasted, war, it’s also the while and we, especially the we because it makes the poem personal, It includes the reader.
    Grandpa Marshall

  3. Of course, the first startling impact of this piece comes from its masterful use of repeated alliteration. Beyond that, however, a good deal of its strength comes from something typical of much of your work, your ability to make us look inside ourselves and evaluate our own actions and the actions of others. That is what great literature does and why we read it. Keep it up.

  4. Nick, This is a powerful poem. It challenges us think about whether we would look at war differently if we were more likely to get caught up in it ourselves, instead of being comfortably safe here in the West, watching our videos and movies.

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