Think Teach Pray

Spiders find therapy in weaving webs.
Interruptions are not helpful.
Think before you destroy.
People find therapy in numerous ways.
Ask yourself if you have found your therapy.
Is having more options better or worse.
I don’t know.
Spiders have it easy.
Simplicity sometimes beats complexity.




2 thoughts on “Think Teach Pray

  1. There is a poetic truth in this poem. Weaving webs is a spider’s work, and you suggest that spiders find therapy in that work. In a similar way, I think most people find it therapeutic to be totally absorbed in a work project for several hours without interruption. Whether it be weeding the garden, knitting, writing a paper, cooking, coding up a website, etc., losing oneself in a work task until it is done is one of life’s most satisfying experiences. But having many possible projects to choose from — many “options” as you say — can sometimes cause us to fret over which project is the “right one” to do first and lead to frustration. In that sense, spiders have it easy, as there is not much for a spider to decide; a spider weaves webs and catches insects, period. People, on the other hand, have options. You ask if having options a good thing. I’d say definitely “yes.” The key is to learn not to fret over which option to pick, but rather to quickly choose one option and get into action. The happiness, the therapy, is in the the work.

  2. I read this poem to say that all living creatures engage in activities that lower anxieties and increase pleasure. But it isn’t easy to find such therapy so what are we to do? Think, Teach, Pray. That resonates with me but I wonder if “Learn” ought not to be part of the prescription. The present poem exhibits a lot of learning about life and the insight we look for in poetry and literature. Thanks.

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