My lust

Loneliness moans between man and a moving limb.
Lustbloody, my momentous opening of a mason jar
Loans a vision of an instinctive watery need.
Man meanly needs hope.
Mean, bitter hope.  A vision of more.


2 thoughts on “My lust

  1. I love this poem. It’s great but sad. You capture the reason for that sadness in the forth line, “Man meanly needs hope”. The world can be mean and its senselessness and cruelty survived only through hope – as you say, “A vision of More”.

    Once again you express beautifully what each of us feels at one time or another and the quality of your expression lightens the load, drops a dollop of awe and happiness into our every day existence.

    How do you do it?

  2. I like the phrase “loneliness moans.” Yes, when lonely, one can feel as if one’s entire being is moaning. And I also like the phrase “man meanly needs hope.” It conveys that we so much need hope for a better future; we need to be able to see that things can change. We need to be able to see “a vision of more.” Currently, I have some sadness going on in my life, something I’m working through, and this poem reverberated with me. Thanks.

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