About Me

I am an autistic teenage awesome boy. I am writing this blog so people can put themselves in awesome shoes. I want to spend time writing about part of my life.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. im weird too, not like you but still different. i look different from other people. but i don’t know other people like me so my question is does it help knowing other people like you? please email me back.

    • Thanks for writing to me. People are always really looking at me because awesomely I am different. Having friends who are like me does make it easier. The awesome asking adage has made me want to have another good friend. What do you do when people are staring?

  2. Teentyper –

    You are awesomely inspiring and I love all of your posts. Your writings clearly show your uniquely eloquent voice as a budding young writer. I am excited to read all of your future posts. Question- Who inspires you as a writer?

    One of your many fans,

    • Awesomely the weirdly weirdly writing that inspires me the awesomest is writing about awesome people and places that I love. Thanks for your asserting words.

  3. Hi Teentyper, I loved your poem about the subway! It made me feel that I was on a subway ride! Looking forward to other poems you create. Have a fun day! Best Wishes, Claire

  4. Hi TeenTyper- you are writing great posts. If you don’t my my asking, I have a question: how did you come to see that being autistic can be awesome and that you don’t need to be neurotypical to be happy and great?
    – Rob

  5. One of these days you may get to speak at an ASAN conference and meet the Wonderbolts! Keep up with the great work. I also started advocacy when I was a teenage girl.

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