New Beginnings

Wanting isn’t nothing, like watching isn’t doing
Life inside is real as life outside is alone
Love inside sings words to you
Noise outside makes life not seen
Mean each morning prayer like trying to begin
Watch each pleasure, want each movement


Watching War

War is terrible because we are watching war.We are watching war while we westerners never have war.We are watching war while we westerners wear watches and waste time. We are watching war while we watch videos. Eyes are always wanting to watch war. We are wasting time. We are watching war while we always watch wasted television. We are wasting watching war while we waste time.

Real Nature

I am not ever completely independent. My awesome self is only visible to those who choose to see me under my heavy blanket of dependency. I feel frustrated and mad because I want everyone to know my awesome self. My want is freedom fromĀ  the blanket that hides my real being from most of the unseeing of minds’ world. My output creates unfair judgment of my mind but I make no excuses. I don’t blame others for my actions. My wish is to act the way I want to be perceived someday.

Be Wild

Dare to be wild
You will be the favorite child
Go play in the park
Start the day with a spark
Find a new skill
Stop being a pill
Walk instead of run
You are bound to have more fun
Watch videos each day
Relax and just lay
The name is Nick
And i can be quick